GWO WLA Offshore Wind Limited Access (OFL)

Target audience:

Persons who infrequently (no more than 6 times per year) participate in supervised visits to WTG environments.
Note: GWO recommends that persons who visit WTG environments more than 6 times per year complete the full GWO Basic Safety Training.

The aim of the course:

The purpose of the Wind Limited Access (WLA) modules is to provide minimum safety training for onshore and offshore wind farm personnel who are here on supervised visits infrequently (visit, inspect, or observe – no more than 6 times per year). The training provides the minimum knowledge and skills required to safely visit and temporarily stay, and move around onshore and offshore wind farms under the supervision of at least two experienced GWO BST-trained persons.

For accessing offshore assets, participants must complete both modules – ONL and OFL successfully. The WLA does not provide training to enable independent visits or work on a wind farm.

The Offshore Wind Limited Access (OFL) module ensures that employees during infrequent or short stays on a wind turbine will be able to act responsibly, use personal protective equipment correctly, follow emergency procedures and instructions, and not endanger themselves or others.

Course includes:

  • Use of life-saving appliances (LSA) and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Risks related to evacuation and release into the water
  • Man overboard – procedures
  • Controlled entry into the water, swimming techniques
  • Use of a life raft
  • Emergency descent
  • Various types of transfers and possible risks
  • Procedures for transfer
  • Safe transfer