GWO BST Manual Handling: Full / Refresher

The Manual Handling Module in the GWO Basic Safety Training

This module’s goal is to decrease the risk that wind technicians who operate in the wind industry may have musculoskeletal injuries. It seeks to empower participants to carry out their duties and tasks within a wind turbine environment with the utmost safety. 

The programme of the GWO BST Manual Handling Module promotes knowledge sharing by utilising the expertise of more experienced participants for the benefit of everybody – including first-time participants and refresher attendees.

Target audience:

Personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields, and will have their duties in a wind turbine environment, usually in physical contact with a wind turbine or an offshore wind structure.

Personnel that performs job functions that has been risk assessed by their employer or their workplace duty holder as a function, where training according to one or more modules of the BST standard may mitigate of the identified risks.

The aim of the course:

The aim of this Module is to encourage positive Manual Handling behaviour and train delegates ability to perform Manual Handling tasks in a safe manner in the wind turbine industry/environment.

Course content:

  • The importance of carrying out work duties in a safe and sound manner in accordance with the legislative requirements of geographic work location
  • Identification aspects of the job tasks that could increase the risk of developing muscular/ skeletal injuries
  • Safe practises of Manual Handling, including the correct handling of equipment
  • Identification of signs and symptoms of injuries related to poor Manual Handling techniques and have knowledge of reporting methods
  • Problem solving approach to Manual Handling in a wind turbine environment
  • Manual Handling risk reduction techniques

Certificate validity: 

24 months

  • GWO MH Full € 112 (incl. VAT)

    Full training duration - 4 hours

  • GWO MH Refresher € 112 (incl. VAT)

    Refresh training duration - 4 hours

  • GWO MH Full Online* € 60 (incl. VAT)

    Full training duration - 4 hours

  • GWO MH Refresher Online* € 60 (incl. VAT)

    Refresh training duration - 4 hours

  • * Where course participants attend a practical training at a later date after completing elements of the training digitally, within a total period of maximum 4 weeks.

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