Electrician preparation course - Basic

Target audience:

The course is designed for wide – profile mounters.

The aim of the course:

The aim of the course is to provide the basic knowledge of electrical engineering and electrical safety. The course participants also receive a training that is necessary for the qualification “A professional electrician for certain works” according to the prescription DGUV 3.

Course content:

  • Dangers connected with the electric current
  • Occupational safety measures – observation of the safety rules while working with the electric devices
  • Revision of the first aid course
  • Responsibility of the specialist and the manager; specific electrotechnical requirements in an enterprise
  • Exam
    Practical classes (according to the prescription DGUV 3/regulation 303-001 (previously BGG 944)):
  • Definition of basic quantities: electric current, voltage and resistance
  • Portable electrical equipment inspection in accordance to the prescription DGUV 3 / VDE 0702
  • Inspection of new and renovated electrical installations
  • Inspection of lighting equipment, sockets and stationary equipment
  • Inspection of installations and electromagnetic switches
  • Working with wires and cables, mounting of electric cables
  • Construction of distributors, allocation of protective devices and their connection, cable cross-section
  • Connection of sockets and lamps; connection of electric devices and engines.
  • Electric installation works, construction and mounting of electric installations.
  • Reading of electric circuits, connection of tie breakers, operational knobs and time reg relays connection
  • Choosing and substituting of electric switchgears
  • Circuit schematics of basic protection.
  • Fault tracing