Basics of the electrician's work

Target audience:

The course is designed to update and complement the knowledge of a wide range of electricians. 

The aim of the course:

The aim of the course is to improve existing theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the quality of the duties of an electrician.

Course content:

  • Legislation
  • Basic electrical engineering
  • Labor and professional ethics and culture
  • Risk assessment
  • Electrical safety standards, norms and practices
  • First medical aid.
  • Classification of power grids
  • Periodic inspections
  • Electrical circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams
  • Electrical wiring technologies
  • Cable installation technologies
  • Conditions for selecting cables and protective devices
  • Switching and protection devices
  • Electric lighting, lighting and power networks
  • Electrical equipment
  • Construction of grounding
  • Measurements of electrical equipment and appliances
  • Conditioning, repairing damage
  • New technologies in energy

Requirements to start the course:

The course can be started by a person who needs to update and supplement his knowledge to perform electrical work.