Electrically instructed person (EuP) Full / Refresher

Target audience:

Employees, who have not completed any professional training in electrotechnics and whose professional duties exceed one specialty and involve actions that are related to the electric equipment. This course is also designed for those employees, who have to enter confined industrial spaces with electric equipment, for instance, painters, locksmiths, etc.

The aim of the course:

“Electrically instructed person” – EuP (from German – Elektrotechnisch unterwiesene Person). The aim of the course is to train the employees that are non-electricians to perform works on electric equipment in a safe manner, allowing them to evaluate the risks and avoid dangers, which can arise from the use of electric current. The acquired qualification “Electrically instructed personnel” EuP allows to perform specific types of work according to the directive №3 DGUV (previously – BGV A3) and rules №4 DGUV (previously- DGUV-V A3), for instance, cleaning of the industrial spaces in the presence of electric equipment; performing the work in the vicinity of the electric parts under voltage; switching off the voltage according to the instructions, checking the non-existence of voltage, etc.

Course content:

  • Basics of electrotechnics
  • The effect of electric current on a human
  • Safety measures and requirements in electrotechnics
  • Preconditions to perform the assigned work in a safe manner
  • Preventive measures in case of direct or indirect contact with electric current
  • Defining the spectrum of work allowed to persons, who have had a security briefing on safe work with electrical equipment

Certificate validity: 

up to 24 months*

*it is recommended to take a refresher course annually