Continued market development and a technological revolution are coming to the labour market, resulting in significant changes and the creation of new job roles. The competencies that have been requested in today’s challenging labour market will lose their importance in the near future. To respond quickly to market demand, it is necessary to be flexible.

The task of the adult non-formal education institution “Training Center IQTC” is to prepare specialists in line with European and International standards, providing in-depth theoretical knowledge in conjunction with practical tasks in real working situations. Almost all training programmes in the IQTC are based on a modular approach and are intended for specialists with different levels of preparedness. Training modules may be adapted according to professional needs and employers’ requests.

Take advantage of the opportunity and improve your chances in the labour market by upgrading your professional skills! Boosting your qualifications expands your career prospects and opens up the possibility of bringing together different professions or qualifications required in the labour market in a number of professional directions.

Full list of courses

Theoretical training facilities

Theory and soft skills courses are held in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, in bright and technically well-equipped facilities on Liepajas street 34, Riga. 

Practical training facilities

Practical classes take place in the new premises at Kalnciema Offices, Kauguru street 6, Riga. The location is convenient – close to the airport, Spice supermarket and the Rixwell Elefant Hotel. On the other side of the building is the Playoff Arena, which can be used for leisure activities.

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