Welding process training involving simulator SOLDAMATIC 20

20 hours

Target audience:

The course is designed for experienced welders and specialists of welding production, who wish to check their skills, to prepare for the certification or to acquire new welding methods.

The aim of the course:

To provide participants of a course with necessary knowledge and abilities in three main types of welding: MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG. Trainees will gain skills in work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and different types of seams. During the training, special attention is paid to body ergonomics, when performing welding works.

Course content:

  • Brief introduction to a welding process
  • Study of a welding simulator SOLDAMATIC
  • Practical classes, using a welding simulator SOLDAMATIC
  • Analysis and error correction made during the welding process
  • The test
  • Analysis of the test results
  • Practical classes in the welding cabins