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Training for adults – here comes the 3rd application round!

Today, on August 15th, the 3rd application round is launched for the adult training project “Development of employees’ professional competence” which is carried out by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA).

This time too the international qualification and training centre IQTC offers to acquire two programs that are currently demanded in the labour market: “Personal Data Protection and IT security” and “Planning and designing of lighting”.

The program “Personal data protection and IT security” is being launched in our training centre for the second time. Thanks to the questions of the employees, the trainers-practitioners have supplemented their training materials with even more interesting cases and tasks, and the training centre has equipped its training premises with air conditioners.

“This course is useful not only for lawyers and those who want to be more knowledgeable in the GDPR topic, but also for those who work with clients”

According to our trainees, this program generally has been evaluated as “good”, accenting theoretical and practical tasks provided by the course, the accessibility of the training materials in the e-environment, as well as the fact that free parking lot and Internet have been provided during the training. The trainees have approved of the fact that during the whole training drinking water had been made easily available and have noted down that it had been very pleasant in the heat of summer.

In its turn “Planning and designing of lighting” is meant for those whose job duties or everyday life are related to construction, interior design, architecture. This is a unique program which ensures that trainees acquire the necessary skills to coordinate the projects of illumination planning (design) in the development process.

The program trainer Ņikita Kočanovs has acquired his experience in the field of illumination planning and design by working for international projects both in the local and the Scandinavian market.

Application deadline: September 17th. This time you can send your application documents both via e-mail:, and by coming to our training centre in Riga Liepājas street 34. The courses are expected to be launched in November 2018.

Non-formal training programs of the IQTC training centre are carried out according to the mixed training method – it means that the training takes place both in the classroom and in the e-environment.

In the framework of the project “Training for adults” the employees and self-employed that are not younger than 25 years can choose to enhance their professional competence and competitiveness in 12 different fields in 68 educational institutions all over Latvia.