Training at IQTC facilities

Training at IQTC facilities


Training is modular in design and is conducted at IQTC training centre facilities.

Modular approach allows individuals to be trained according to their personal targets and abilities.

Modular approach is designed for individuals of different levels of professional competencies and may be adapted according to their professional needs.

Modular training is designed for individuals who do not wish to undertake a full-time course of integrated training or who are unable to do so for personal, family, or other reasons. They also suit those who wish to ‘stagger’ their training by completing ‘moduls’ over a period of time having already gained certain qualification.

In the process of training, we:

  • use complex training technologies (training)
  • involve a trainee in the working process (budding)
  • deliberately share their experience (mentoring)
  • supervise the working process (shadowing)
  •  monitor the training process, discuss the experience of practical application of the obtained knowledge (tutoring)
  • reveal the trainee’s potential (coaching)

We give you the opportunity to:

  • select a general outline of your employees’ required training
  • update the knowledge and skills of your staff at the location of your enterprise, which will give you the opportunity to quickly and easily respond to changes in market conditions
  • provide additional incentives for the further development of your employees and the company
  • look at the issue from a different perspective – we can offer an ideal platform for the exchange of experience with qualified tutors
  • certify your staff in accordance with international and European standards and utilising our close cooperation with TÜV Rheinland
  • certify production, products and quality control systems of your company, utilising our close cooperation with TÜV Rheinland and with the Union of Technical Safety Experts of Manufacturers of Latvia (LRTDEA)