Scafoteam Ltd. - SCC certified employees

SCAFOTEAM Ltd., is the first company in Latvia to certify its employees according to the SCC regulations

The spring has arrived with a new fruitful working season. The representatives of technical professions intensively resume their annual construction, technical maintenance and repair works.

While taking care of the safety of their employees and bearing responsibility before their clients, the society and the environment, SCAFOTEAM, Ltd., in cooperation with the international qualification and training center “IQTC” has trained and certified employees according to the SCC (Safety Checklist Contractors) regulations, thus becoming the first company in Latvia which provides employees who are certified by PersCert TÜV Rheinland.

SCAFOTEAM, Ltd., performs the assembly and dismantling of scaffolds, providing their clients in Latvia and other countries with high-quality services in the shortest possible working period. The company provides services to a considerable number of Latvian companies that operate in the field of the lease of construction machinery. Among their regular clients, there are the following companies: Ramirent, Ltd., Storent, Ltd., Cramo, Ltd., SGB Baltics, Ltd., Stats Serviss, Ltd., and other companies. The cooperation partners highly appreciate the work experience and the quality of provided services of SCAFOTEAM, Ltd., which corresponds to the installation instructions and labor safety rules, which are stipulated in the standards of Latvia and other countries, and entrust SCAFOTEAM with work in the important and complicated objects.

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SCC (Safety Checklist Contractors) is a labor safety certification system, which has been specifically developed for the subcontractors and their employees, and is a standard in the field of labor safety, occupational safety and environment protection (SGU) that is applicable in the overall management system of the company. The European standard SCC gains an increasing recognition among the subcontractors and is more and more often applied in such fields as construction, mechanical engineering, metalwork, energy, petrochemical and chemical industry.

To obtain an SCC certificate, previously the employees of the companies had to go either to Germany or to the Netherlands, but now it is possible to take the examination in Latvia as well, because the training center IQTC is the only institution in the Baltic states that is authorized by the independent personnel certification center PersCert TÜV, which trains the employees and managers according to the SCC regulations.