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Respite care

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Respite care services are becoming very popular today, as they comprise both professional medical assistance and caregiver help. Relatives of a sick, disabled or elderly person, who are unable to be with a person who needs care 24 hours a day, ask for respite care.

Respite is a form of care, help and support for those who suffer from serious illnesses that make them unable to take care of themselves. Respite is also a form of care of the disabled and elderly.

Respite is not only medical care – such duties are performed by a medical nurse. A respite nurse, unlike a medical nurse, not only provides medical care, but also psychologically helps a sick or disabled person, and in the case of the elderly a respite nurse also performs a range of household duties.

Did you know?

Respite care is real salvation in cases where there is a need for long-term medical assistance, or simply for the care of an elderly person suffering from lapses in memory.

Having left an elderly person with a professional respite nurse, relatives may be free to do what they need without worrying about the health and well-being of their loved one.

If a person to whom respite care is provided is seriously ill, respite care professionals can help him or her to recover sooner.

Respite care today

Today, respite care is one of the most needed services in the medical area.

This is not surprising, because respite care helps to ensure the quickest recovery of patients at home and also makes it possible to prevent many critical situations due to timely examinations and supervision of the ward.

If you use the services of a caregiver or nurse, you can be sure of both the physical and psychological comfort of your loved person.

IQTC provides training in medical or social respite care

Medical respite care involves the care of patients when they are sick, carrying out procedures of any complexity, monitoring fulfilment of all the doctor’s instructions, giving enemas and medicines, administering injections, effective prevention and treatment of bed sores, and the care of elderly and bedridden patients.

Social respite care is a form of targeted individual social support and the provision of essential services on a long-term basis to those who are in a particularly difficult or even dangerous crisis situation and who do not have, or have lost, the ability to overcome it on their own.

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