Modular training

Modular training


IQTC offers modular training based on Germany’s dual system of vocational training. The dual system of vocational training combines practical, on-the-job experience in production with theoretical knowledge.

The modular approach is based on clear structuring of training information and content, precise training organisation and consecutive verification of knowledge, skills and abilities of trainees.

Modular training is a well-structured educational technology based on scientific data where there is none of the improvisation found in other methods of training.

In modular training, everything is programmed in advance: not only the sequence of study of educational material, but also the level of its uptake and quality control of the results.

We measure and evaluate everything in modules: tasks, performance, attendance of classes, and the initial, intermediate and final level of trainees’ knowledge. Every module has clearly defined learning objectives, tasks, levels of training, skills and abilities.

IQTC modular training is developed on the basis of TÜV Rheinland Academie experience and the best traditions of professional training. The training is known for its quality and high level of customer satisfaction.

Duration of modular training

The number of teaching hours we offer in modular training varies depending on the course; for example, full training in welding involves 230 teaching hours.
However, if you select only one specific module, the training period may be reduced to 22 teaching hours or less.

Extra opportunities

By combining several advanced training courses you can pass full training or retraining, which will allow you to:

  • gain the knowledge necessary for the realisation of your professional goals;
  • combine IQTC training with secondary vocational or higher vocational education, or pass it after graduation;
  • obtain a certificate which is recognised internationally and/or in the European Union and which verifies your professional competence.

Our modular training is also unique because it is easy to design it as a single, compact course to suit your needs. You can pass different IQTC modules in different areas of specialisation, passing the required exams and thereby verifying your competence.

If you feel there is a need for advanced training or retraining, then:

  • Select the necessary training course or module directly from our website.
  • Fill in our registration form or contact us directly.

We will contact you and provide you with full information about our training opportunities.