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Foreign languages

Knowledge of a foreign language is the key to professional success!


Do you want to be fluent in German or English? Do you want to be eloquent in your expressions and understand the necessary professional terms? Join us!

Today, knowledge of a foreign language is no longer an advantage or just an asset, but has become a necessity, instead.

A person who knows a foreign language has a better chance of finding a good job, all other conditions being equal. Moreover, the chances are greater if a person is fluent in specialised vocabulary, i.e. in the language of his or her profession and field.

Always stay up-to-date!

The contemporary world is changing so fast that those who do not keep pace with its demands find themselves on the sidelines. In hard times a person mobilises all knowledge, skills and abilities to overcome crisis situations!
A specialist who has professional skills and is fluent in a foreign language has a better chance of getting a good job and moving successfully up the career ladder.

We offer courses at all levels!

We offer standard and intensive courses at all levels, as well as special-purpose language courses for welders, electricians, and non-destructive testing professionals. We have a team of qualified tutors, comfortable rooms, and conduct training in small groups.

Learn from those who practice, and practise your own skills!

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