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First IRATA certified training center in Latvia

Above the clouds, the sky is always blue.
Therese of Lisieux

Have you ever imagined working above the clouds, seeing the birds flying below and right next to you, feeling the breeze on your skin and butterflies in your stomach from the excitement?

Now you can!

IQTC has fulfilled its long-desired dream – to provide the IRATA training for those, who intend to work in the industry.

For almost two years we’ve been preparing our facilities, constructions and programs and now our work has been rewarded and we’ve become an IRATA Probationary Training member, thus becoming the first authorized rope access training center in Latvia to provide an approved training and certification.

IRATA technicians are demanded not only in oil and gas or renewable energy industries, currently they are required in a wide range of fields and their job is highly paid.

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) was formed in the late 1980’s to solve maintenance challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry, but since then it has developed its own techniques for use in a wide range of repair, maintenance, inspection and access work.

All those, who intend to become an IRATA certified technician are welcome to contact us via e-mail or by calling us +371 27007651.

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