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At a given stage in its development, a company can be managed on the basis of the talents, enthusiasm and initiative of its employees and managers; that is, on the basis of the personal qualities of employees. Once a certain level of development has been reached, however, it is compelled to find more stable forms of management organisation, paying particular attention to the quality of staff performance, the quality of services or products provided, and their compliance with international and European standards.

IQTC’s core competency is the provision of staff training and retraining services for various areas of industry and the service sector, as well as the certification and recertification of staff, production, products and quality management systems (Read more →).

In consulting its clients and providing them with specific services, IQTC adheres to several key principles:

Targeting client needs

Training, testing or certification is not a final goal. Together with the client, we define measurable results to be obtained from implementing the service being offered, and then work to achieve those results.

Efficiency of the work performed

We try to perform our work in the most efficient way for the client, and to find ways to reduce costs and time for implementing a service without compromising on quality. We have a wealth of know-how which we can use to significantly improve performance efficiency.

Client involvement in the process of work fulfilment

We believe that the most important factor in achieving results is the creation of the client’s competence centre, which will be maintained at the company after completion of the tutor’s work.

Personnel solutions

Together with our partners Baltic Dia and WP Group, we provide our clients with staff support in the implementation of industrial and infrastructural projects, including offshore oil and gas projects and offshore wind energy projects; we also provide them with qualified professionals in the service sector.

We help you gain the benefits from planning and allocating your companys resources in the right way.