Certification for companies

Certification for companies

Personnel certification signifies high skilling levels

As authorised representatives of TÜV Rheinland, we organize and conduct qualification exams, the results of which form the basis for issuing the certificates of the independent Personnel Certification Center (PersCert TÜV); this centre is accredited by Germany’s National Accreditation Body (DAkkS). The certificates are independent and objective evidence of staff skilling in accordance with international and European standards.

We offer recertification of your employees in response to rapid scientific and technological progress and the need to constantly update knowledge. Maintaining up-to-date skills among your staff and fostering their professional development are the prerequisites for your company’s success. Your customers can be sure that the know-how in your company is at the leading edge and complies with leading standards.

Based on our experience, regular staff recertification (once every three years) will turn your employees into the best marketing assets of your company. Certification of your personnel is a sign of high skilling levels.

Types of certificates


To obtain a certificate issued by the Personnel Certification Center (PersCert TÜV), your employees shall complete the training course offered by IQTC and pass the subsequent exam.


At your request, the certificate issued by the Personnel Certification Center (PersCert TÜV) may be marked with the Certipedia mark and entered into the database with open access. An ID is assigned to each certificate, on the basis of which the search is made in the database.

Visible indication


1 QR Code. The QR code (QR stands for ‘quick response’) has been added to the test mark at the request of customers. Scanning it with a smart phone provides direct access to the certification database Certipedia by TÜV Rheinland. On Certipedia comprehensive information about products, manufacturers and tests is available. Also photos, videos and descriptive text can be added.

2 ID number. As before, you can access the web page of the newly revised certification database by entering the ten-digit test ID number on Certipedia. Those who wish to learn more about the test can find even more comprehensive details on Certipedia than before.

3 External test marks or keywords. Test marks such as the GS mark are an integral part of the TÜV Rheinland test mark. Instead of the test mark there could be the number of keywords describing results of the test: for example ISO 9001.

Certipedia: added value of quality

Use the opportunities of the Certipedia mark for personnel certification to verify the skills and experience of employees, thus guaranteeing you an advantage over competitors!

Certipedia is an open-access database and at the same time an online platform that allows any user to retrieve information and to view documents that verify the qualifications of your workforce.

The Certipedia mark is evidence that your employees’ achievements comply with high international and European standards, and provides a detailed description of the work performed and the quality of that work in the process of gaining the qualification. This service is available in seventeen languages.


Certificates issued by the Personnel Certification Center (PersCert TÜV) with the Certipedia mark will allow you to:

  • Demonstrate the achievements of your employees and document the quality of their work;
  • Become competitive at international and European level;
  • Stand out among competitors and win the loyalty of customers;
  • Acquaint customers with the skills of your employees and their certificates online at the certipedia.com website;
  • Benefit from the Certipedia mark, the quality of which is recognised at international and European level.

Quality management certification in accordance with ISO

What is your position on the market for goods and services? To what extent do you facilitate the selection and purchase of goods for customers? How easy are your products to use? Are your customers aware of your products’ safety? Have you obtained all the necessary certificates to enter the market? Do your quality requirements for the products correspond with the requirements of suppliers? We will help you to answer these questions.

IQTC, in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, offers certification of quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001. Implementation and certification of quality systems and environmental management systems allow you to substantially improve the development of your business and to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of your company.

Production and product certification is a sign of quality and trust

Confirm the quality of your production and products with an independent, internationally recognised certification mark. IQTC, in close cooperation with TÜV Rheinland and the Union of Technical Safety Experts of Manufacturers of Latvia (LRTDEA), provides the European market with comprehensive support – from the development of products to verification of their compliance.

As a provider of comprehensive services, IQTC, together with its partners, carries out inspections and issues safety, productivity and quality statements and certificates for any equipment or consumer good.

IQTC offers testing and certification services in accordance with the established standards of TÜV Rheinland, which provide access to the European Union market, allow your products to compete in tenders for European funds, and attract investors’ attention.

After our testing and certification, the product is awarded the CE mark, which is a mandatory marking in the European Union for specific groups of products and indicates compliance with the requirements specified in European Union Directives.

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