IQTC supports the World Day for safety and health at work

For the first time, the International Qualification and Training Center IQTC supports the annual campaign for the World Day for safety and health at work.

On April 28th, International Labour Organization (ILO) celebrates the World Day for safety and health at work. This is an awareness campaign, the aim of which is to draw employees’, employers’, organisations’ and the governments’ attention towards the issues of occupational safety and occupational health. 

The mission of the campaign is to raise public awareness of how promotion and enhancement of the health and safety culture can help to reduce the number of work-related accidents and diseases worldwide. 

The event organized by the training center on the occasion of World Day for safety and health at work took place on April 27th, at the IQTC training premises in Prospect Kurzemes. The first thematic event of such type, combined with demonstrations and practical tasks, brought together the specialists in occupational safety, labour protection and quality management.

Without exhausting the guests with long presentations, IQTC offered all participants to test their knowledge in practical classes. The brave specialists took part in the role-play, where they had to evacuate from the burning building, overcoming different obstacles and saving the victims. The practical classes reinstated once more, how important it is not only to possess the knowledge but also to know how to apply these knowledge in critical situations.

The positive emotions of the participants and their willingness to engage in thematical activities prove the topicality of this event, thus IQTC intends to continue to support the ILO campaign in the future.