IQTC has become a Global Wind Organization (GWO) certified training provider

IQTC has become a Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certified training provider. The training center offers preparatory courses in organizing and carrying out works at heights according to the GWO standard requirements.

You can acquire the understanding about the safety systems necessary for ensuring the performance of working duties, find out about individual and collective safety equipment, establish the understanding about the rescue and evacuation systems, applied through the course of rescue missions, find out about standards and regulations, as well as types of inspections and the order of safety equipment inspection. You will acquire the methods and practical techniques for the protection of the employee’s health, safety and property, and in addition you will learn about the procedures, the aim of which is to reduce the risk of gaining trauma, while working at heights.

Global Wind Organization (GWO) is the association that consists of wind turbine generator manufacturers, operators and owners, whose main purpose is to ensure a safe work environment in the field of wind power. The aim of GWO – provision of the safe work environment in the wind power industry, thanks to the cooperation among the members of the organization, and by the means of establishing general standards for the training in safety and emergency procedures. The task of GWO – the introduction of the shared working practices in the field, the aim of which is to reduce any health and safety hazards in the workplace.

Any owner of the GWO certificate is deemed to be competent and knowledgeable in the matters concerning the basic safety requirements in the field of wind power. The members of GWO believe that the owner of such certificate has acquired all the necessary knowledge in order to avert and avoid the emergence of dangerous situations, while performing their work duties.