IQTC publishes a new practical study material “Qualitative company management and audit” in the Latvian language

The leading quality management system specialists from the German concern TÜV Rheinland have developed a practical guidebook for the company managers, quality management specialists and auditors in order to successfully implement a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle on all organizational levels.

The International Qualification and Training Center “IQTC”, which is an authorized and certified representative of TÜV Rheinland Akademie in the Baltic countries, is prepared to provide Latvian companies and organizations with all the necessary assistance concerning the introduction of changes in their quality management system. In cooperation with German colleagues and Latvian experts in the field of quality management, the training center “IQTC” has adapted the guidebook “Qualitative company management and audit” (according to the standard ISO 9001:2015) in the Latvian language.

In future, this guidebook will be available to all the participants of the courses and seminars organized by the training center “IQTC” in the form of a practical study material. This book will be useful to people, who develop and enhance a quality management system in their company, as well as those, who are authorized to perform internal audits.

The first seminar “Concept of quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2015”, during which the participants will have an opportunity to purchase this guidebook, will take place on October 18, 2016. The seminar begins at 10.00, at Mūkusalas street 41. The seminar description and price is available here.

You can apply to this seminar, by filling out the application form or by sending an application to the e-mail address: